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Is Your Traffic Ticket Worth Fighting? Call Me To Find Out.

If you receive a traffic ticket for speeding or illegal lane change, hiring a lawyer to have it dismissed probably isn’t worth the cost, unless you faced multiple convictions in the past 18 months. Under the Virginia point system, a speeding ticket can mean three to six points against your license for up to 11 years. If your violation is for a more serious offense such as reckless driving or for driving more than 20 mph over the speed limit, you can lose your license for a substantial period. Fighting it is definitely worth the energy and cost.

Insurance rates: Not all speeding tickets are worth fighting, but if you have multiple convictions within a year or two, you face higher insurance rates that can cost you substantially over the years. I’ll fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed to the lowest possible charge.

I am traffic violations defense attorney Robert T. Dearborn. For 14 years, I have dedicated my practice to helping more than 5,000 people protect their driving privileges by fighting traffic tickets in northern Virginia courts. Is your traffic violation worth fighting? That will depend on the facts of the case. But I promise you it’s worth talking about with an experienced attorney. Contact my office in Fairfax to tell me about the circumstances and discuss your driver’s license status.

Fighting All Types Of Traffic Tickets

I have a successful record helping clients protect their rights and their driving privileges in all types of traffic violations, including:

I am often successful in getting serious misdemeanor charges dismissed or reduced. I will give you a free, honest appraisal of where you stand in relation to the courts. If you decide to fight your violation, I offer a flat fee for many of the serious ticket defense services I offer. You will know exactly what I will charge, so you can make an informed decision.

Discuss Your Case With An Experienced Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer

For a free consultation about your traffic offense in Virginia, call my Fairfax law office at 703-350-4804 or contact me online.