Shoplifting And Misdemeanor Theft
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Caught Stealing Or Shoplifting? Let Me Help You Keep Your Record Clean.

Being charged with shoplifting or another petty theft charge may not seem like a big deal until you realize the effect a theft charge will have on your future. Try explaining it to an employer that wants to put you in charge of handling money.

If you have been charged with theft or shoplifting, the penalties upon conviction may not seem like much but can include a day in jail for theft of anything valued under $200. The real punishment comes when you have to carry around a conviction for the rest of your life.

An Experienced Defense Lawyer Working For You

I am Fairfax criminal defense lawyer Robert T. Dearborn. If you have been charged with shoplifting or misdemeanor theft, don’t shrug it off. Call me to get help fighting to get your charges dismissed or reduced. I have been helping people protect their records and futures since I opened my law firm in 2000. The attorney you hire will make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Make sure you have a lawyer you can trust and rely on.

Contact me to arrange a free consultation. I represent clients charged with the following types of misdemeanor theft and property crimes throughout northern Virginia:

  • Shoplifting, retail theft
  • Misdemeanor fraud charges
  • Employee embezzlement and pilferage
  • ID theft, credit card theft
  • Check forgery

Shoplifting Isn’t Worth Ruining Your Future

Often, retail store owners are more interested in restitution than they are in seeing a shoplifter or employee put in jail for stealing. I will work proactively with the prosecutor and store owner to find a satisfactory solution that resolves the issue, without a blight on your criminal record.

I Am Here To Help

Contact me online or by telephone at 703-350-4804 to arrange a free consultation as soon as possible after you have been charged or if you think you may face charges.