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Second Offense DUI

Another DUI Charge? Second Offense DUI Can Mean Time In Jail.

If you are facing your second offense for DUI within the past five years, you face no less than a $500 fine and 20 days mandatory jail time. If you've used an experienced Virginia DUI defense lawyer before, you need one now.

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I am attorney Robert T. Dearborn. I have more than fourteen years of experience protecting the rights of people charged with second offense DUI and other alcohol-related charges. I work aggressively with the prosecutor to seek a reduction to an alcohol-related reckless driving charge or other offense that will not require the mandatory sentences. In all cases, my law firm focuses on helping you get your charges dismissed or face the minimum sentence if a conviction is inevitable.

Virginia does not offer a diversion for second offense DUI. If you have been charged, you face the mandatory sentences. Let me help you right away.

Contact my office in Fairfax to arrange a free consultation. Depending upon the specifics of your charges, I may be able to offer a flat fee for services. I want you to be fully informed about costs and legal options as you make your decisions throughout your case.

In offer effective, experienced legal defense for all types of traffic violations and drunk driving charges, including:

From my offices in Fairfax, I represent people charged with second offense DUI in communities throughout Northern Virginia. Contact me today.

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